Venetian Plaster- 2016 Interior Design Trends

We enjoyed this article by Maria Killiam regarding the 2016 Interior Design Trends and wanted to share it with you. We watch the predictions for the upcoming year keeping in mind how we can incorporate them with the Venetian Plaster and Decorative Finishes we install. We hope you enjoy!

Venetian Plaster Miami

"I'm back from High Point Market, the furnishing-industry-only tradeshow that showcases and forecasts upcoming trends in home decor. It's one of my favourite shows to visit because it means I can tell you all about what's coming to a decor store near you, and then hear from you about whether you're going to put it in your own home.

I was part of a trends panel for attendees on Monday night, and one of the other panelists, Cindy Hodnett with Furniture Today, said that right now, "everything goes." She was referring specifically to colour, but it seems true overall when you look at the home decor trends for 2016. Let's start with this chair that might be a living creature, shall we? It's not for everyone but it was the trendiest item I saw that screamed…


Venetian Plaster Two

Bernhardt Furniture

Clearly, texture was really big this market, including lots of faux fur. I kept running my hand against the furniture. What do you think of the chairs above and below: cozy and comfortable to relax in, or vacuuming nightmare? At the very least, it coordinates well with a natural fiber rug.


venetian plaster three

Gorgeous colour at C.R. Laine. I love the gold beige zebra patterned rug, which always works with hot pink. And see the florals on the chair?

Florals, including dark florals (remember florals with a black background from the 80s?), are back. Of course, they're reinterpreted so that we'll love them again! What do you think? I was drawn to the lily pad pattern on this chair at Wesley Hall:


Just like I've been talking about black tile being trendy, it also translates to wall colours. Painting a room black might sound like it'd be a cave, but it can be glamorous, modern, and sophisticated. Just look at this dining room:

venetian plaster four

Stephanie Lowder  gave us the tour of Bernhardt's gorgeous showroom!

She said that shiny details like this inlaid silver border pick up the light and create further contrast in a room with dark navy walls, like this one:

Venetian Plaster Five



Venetian Plaster Six

Blue was the big colour story this market. Navy is a best seller right now, as are indigo and denim shades. We've been decorating with turquoise for a long time now, so all these stronger shades of blue seem fresh and new. These dark blue walls are just as dramatic as black, don't you think?


venetian plaster seven


Pink is always a favourite, and there were many different shades of it on display at High Point. There was even some … gasp … pink beige.

Getting soft pink (not pink beige) right is hard because it goes bubble gum pink really fast!

Here are some pearlized pink ottomans at Highland House. Stephanie at Bernhardt said pearlized finishes are in because they are shiny and again work well with dark walls.

venetian plaster eight

Highland House Furniture

And yes, there was lots of pink beige in upholstery and even painted case goods here. It's warm and people and drawn to it for sure, so I do like to say (once in a while so you don't want to kick your sofa) that this is not a bad colour; it's just bad when combined with the wrong colours. Who can remember what those are?


venetian plaster nine

Of course this is not NEWS anymore but it is for a lot of people who are still getting used to the idea of gold being back again in hardware and faucets.

Copper is here as well but it doesn't go with everything so it will always be on the fringe.

I saw a fair bit of this gold colour, below, which was big in the Tuscan brown trend. This time around, mix it with white and new pattern so it doesn't feel dated:

venetian plaster ten

There are many ways to re-fresh your space and make it feel new without spending a fortune. Accessories are a big one! Stay tuned for another post coming soon where I'll be showing you a lot of gorgeous vignettes at market to inspire you to create some for your own home!